Frequently Asked 3d Rendering Questions

• What is 3d visualization (rendering) and how is it created?

3D rendering is a complex process of creating the volumetric realistic image using the special computer technologies. This process can be divided into a few main stages:

  • modeling
  • materials applying
  • actual rendering


On this stage the geometry of the future rendering's objects, which called models, are created. The each element of created model is worked out in detail.

There is some believe that any 3d model can be automatically created by pressing the «magic button». This is far from reality. All the small things, details and curves are made «by hand» with software tools. The process of creating the high quality 3d model may take hours, and even days, depending on its complexity. It is similarly to the sculptor making the sculpture, in this like way the model is created in software. The only main difference is in the tools, they are virtual.

After the model is done, we can already examine the form of the future object, their proportions and details.

Materials applying

On this stage, object gains such properties as color, texture, transparency, refraction, bump, reflection ability.

There are no one-size-fits-all materials and the each material must be created, considering the unique features of particular model. This process can be compared by the time cost to the modeling process, and sometimes it can take more time because of complexity of the texture map applying to the surface. That is called mapping and texturing.

Actual rendering

This is the final stage of the process shortly called 3d rendering. It includes the recreating the lighting conditions for maximally realistic presentation of the modeled objects. The 3d-creator sets the virtual cameras from the best angles. The essence of this process is the art. That is from the art talent, the ability to see and present the rendered object the success of all done work depends. The setup and preparing the all 3d models to the light calculation needs the high qualification in using the high-tech tools of the rendering software. The calculation of the final image, that is the translation of the 3d models to the raster 2d image, needs the lot of calculation power and time. The calculation of a single image can take from tens of minutes to tens of hours (!).

In such way, using the digital technologies and knowledge of the specialists, the mental images come true in a form of the obvious image.

• I am from the tuning company. I need to create a rendering of the car interior. Can you do this?

Yes, of course, for this we will need drawings of the car, its interior and your sketches or photo-reference of how to alter interior, its materials, shapes and other.

In addition, we can create an interactive panorama, with which your client can virtually find himself inside the car and look around 360 degrees around.

• I am a representative of a web studio, and we need beautiful three-dimensional elements for our sites projects. Would you make the necessary artwork in 3d?

Yes, definitely. We have long been working with web designers of different levels and created lots of interesting three-dimensional elements for their projects.

With photorealistic images generated on a computer, you can achieve the most extraordinary effects. Besides, there is a possibility of a non-standard applications of those. For example, we can simulate a studio photo of any object.

Suppose you are working on filling souvenirs shop window, but beautiful photos of required objects are not available on the Internet. At the same time, the making a studio photos either very money expensive or doing photo-sessions of each souvenir is expensive in the means of spent time. In such a situation, you can feel free to contact us and we will create the necessary images for you.

In addition to simple static pictures, you can create sequences of rotation in order to be able to complement the storefront with interactive presentation of the object. Typical examples of studio photos imitations implemented by us, you can see in our 3d portfolio.

• I am designer of applications for mobile devices, like games for iPhone, iPad, Android and Flash. Can you create objects that I can use as sprite elements for my needs?

Yes, of course. We can create desired images. In addition, we can provide you with the necessary alpha-channels, masks, layers, shadows and other elements that may be required in the development of graphical interfaces for your applications.

• Are you offering design services or you make renderings only?

We do not do design in a direct sense of this word. Our creative component of work is the most beautiful and realistic presenting the design, invented by you.

• I am from Poland, is our work with you possible?

Yes, it is possible. Your physical location does not matter as long as we can find a common language.

• Would you make the free test work for me?

No, we would not. The level of our competence you can determine by looking at our completed 3d projects.

• Is that all you have done? I mean the works present in your portfolio.

Of course, it isn’t. The authors of some projects which we take part in, do not advertise the use of contractors or outsourcing. In addition, some private designers consider their designs confidential and they are against public displays of their work. Finally, we do not see a specific need for a display of an infinite set of works. The purpose of our portfolio is the demonstration of skills rather than chronology of completed projects. By the present in our 3d portfolio works, you can easily determine the level of our skills.

• I want to order the rendering, but I'm critical of that work done for me will not be posted anywhere on the network, including your portfolio!

When a special need, we can preserve the confidentiality of your order. Actually, as the converse, if you wish, we can write on our site your authorship, the services you provide and contact info on the portfolio page.

• Please tell about the time, needed for creating 3d rendering. How long does it take?

If you need to create a visualization of the object, it is usually just one or two days.

It should be known that in the case of complex scenes, rich set of objects, and if necessary to obtain the high-resolution images, the actual rendering (computation) of the images themselves significantly affect the timing. Generation of a photo-realistic images of complex scenes can sometimes take up to ten hours and even more of computing time, which in turn would inevitably affect the overall time of the creation of visualization.

• How much does the rendering cost?

There is an object rendering or how it is also called studio or product visualization, where the main and often the only object of the scene is some object.

The average price of studio rendering ranged from 50 to 200 USD per item. If the object is very complex, for example, model of a car with full interior details, then such work is, of course, will cost much higher.

• How can I know exact pricing of the works on the rendering for my project?

All you need to do is contact us and give all the information you have about the object of the rendering. For example, by sending it with a detailed description to our email address. Our contacts can be found at the top right of any page on this site.

• Perform my order urgently for the regular price. Otherwise, I will give the order to another artist!

We do not take part in tenders for work, when the priority is the super-urgency and ultra-cheapness. Our goal is the quality and photorealism of rendering. If you have a rush order, know an alternative artist and you are completely satisfied by his work, feel free to give him your order. We have no reason to dump, carrying out urgent work at the regular price, and even more if the reason for the reduction of the price is the blackmail in any form.

• Can you do the non-photorealistic rendering, but cheaper?

No, we do not do hackwork. In addition, from a technical point of view, for we have no savings to create low-quality renderings, its quality determined rather by the creative component.

• Yes, but I still would like to get full-format images as preview, so I can check small design details that are important to the project with my client. How we can solve it?

This can be solved. All you need is a 100% payment from your side. Then there will not be any sense for us to be reinsured, and we will send previews in any resolution. Of course, it will take longer due to the increased time for rendering of images. In any case, it will be done at your discretion.

• My client is not entirely clear how the project will look like. Can I use your services to determine with project’s final appearance?

Of course, yes. We can create the set of options of the same object at your request.

For example, we do for you an interior rendering. You show it to the client and he has a desire to change something. It may be even a complete change of a collection of furniture in some room. Then we will make an additional option of this room with all necessary modifications, even if the change will need complete room recreation.

However, it should be soberly understood that any deviation from the originally agreed project is a new independent work.

Examining the cost of implementing the requirements A, there is meant a certain amount of work under project A. With the appearance of the new requirements B, which were not considered previously, and, therefore, not included in the price of A, they considered as separate work. That is, the work under B will be priced separately.

That is why all the changes and additions that are not discussed in the original requirements specification made by us on your initiative, must be paid additionally and cannot be covered by the originally agreed price.

• Everything is great, the terms and cost do for me. In what form can I explain what I want to render?

It's very simple.

The basic principle of the job for rendering is as much information about the object and the most consistency of its describing.

The simplest and most intuitive way to this is the make the project details as a document format DOC or PDF.

All that is required is to put into a text document the plans, drawings, schemes, sketches, photo references (photo of the desired object, made by you, or simply found on the Internet), scans of magazines, etc. Drop them in a document and instruct in maximum detail what is on some exact image and what task you set before us.

Here is an example of a free form requirements specification on rendering work in DOC format:

Example of requirements specification for creating 3d rendering

The same applies to the giving a description for render of an object. Just show photos, drawings, painted sketches, etc. of object that should be rendered. If you need specific surroundings in which to present the object, describe it in detail or simply provide the specifications with corresponding examples.

• Hello. I'm a rendering artist just like you. At the moment, I have a very large project and I am afraid that without the extra help I wouldn’t meet the deadline. Can you assist me in rendering my project?

Hello. Of course we can, but only if we will create some 3d models, including the materials and mapping, or creating a complete ready to render scene. We cannot take the finishing somebody's unfinished scene because of high probability of different approaches to the 3d workflow and because of possible software versions mismatch.

• I want to order the creation of complex classical 3d model for my project. In what format will I receive it from you and where can I look at the quality level of 3d models? Give me some sample to examine the quality of your work.

We will be happy to assist you with the creation of complex 3d models for your project.

In our work we use 3ds Max 2013 and the V-Ray renderer.

We can create geometry, mapping and material IDs with the further transfer of 3d models to you in an universal format. This will let use model in software different from ours.

• Do you sell actual 3D objects or you make renderings only?

We specialize in creating images. However, by prior arrangement and for the separate payment we can pass over the actual scene, with tuned lighting, textures and materials.

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